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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Madness!

Today, I'm thankful for only living 2 hours from my hometown! There are plenty of days where I wish we still lived in the same area as our parents but at least we're only 2 hours away! We love being able to come back whenever we are able and the drive isn't too bad at all!

Blair update: She is still slowly but surely improving. She is still weak but she started physical rehabilitation today so definitely she's on the mend!

My husband and I both had half days at work today so right when we got home we headed back to my parent's house to get going with the craziness. It always feels so good to be back! Along with trying to relax and catch up with my family, my mom and I got going on some cooking. Last night, I got a head start and made four dozen soft honey wheat dinner rolls. (Psst...click that link, try the recipe, enjoy...you won't be disappointed!) I did everything except bake them. I let them rise for the second time then put them in the freezer. As for tonight, my mom made her seven-layer salad and I got started on a classic sweet potato casserole recipe that I found. I also cut up a ton of veggies for a veggie tray. Like we really needed more food! At least it's healthy food! I whipped up a veggie dill dip to go with them as well.

So as for me, it's off to bed for me! We've got lots more to get going on in the morning!

Little tidbit of advice for my readers: Don't stress! Breathe! Remember to keep the focus on spending time with your close friends and family and being thankful for everything you have. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed with the things that really aren't that important.

Give thanks. Be happy. Smile. Enjoy. Eat good food. Have good times.

Till next time,

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