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Monday, November 5, 2012

More Saturday Adventures

Today I am thankful for my family. I have a crazy family. Everyone does but mine is of course, crazy in their own way. But despite the craziness, we love each other and will always be there for one another. We have been through some tough times and I know that there are tougher things in our future but we stick by one another and help each other through these times. That's what makes us family. I'm talking about my immediate family, my in-laws, my extended family, and extended in-laws. I love them all so much. I couldn't ask for anything better. 

I failed to mention the other interesting stop we made on Saturday after Bargain Mart! We stopped at this place in downtown Lynchburg called Fred's $12 and More Store. The outside of the building just has "Fred's" painted on the window. It seemed ultra sketchy to me, bu who was I to fear with my husband on my arm? He had briefly told me about it before, saying a coworker described it as "Pinterest heaven" despite being crazy sketchy. First thing we see sitting outside the doors is a big, old deep fryer on wheels! Well, now who doesn't need a deep fryer larger than your kitchen stove? And think of the transportability with those wheels! We could have french fries and funnel cake on the back porch if we want!

We knew it was going to be good!

We head inside and there is stuff EVERYWHERE. Furniture galore. I mean, literally, there was a pathway and that's it. A narrow pathway through the first floor. There was so much stuff you could never see it all! Then we met Fred. Fred is a middle aged African American man who is a Christian and is just as nice as can be. He's a little odd but he's the kind of person who becomes friends with every person he meets! We talked with him for a bit and got some information about the store. There are 5 floors and a basement! Five entire floors PLUS a basement! All kinds of furniture and random other stuff. Fred has got everything from California king sized mattresses, to wingback chairs, to school desks, to old sewing machines, to pallets, to bicycles and even a couple of these bad boys...

Ohhh yes. I could go on and on...Fred's got everything! I kept seeing so many Pinterest pins in my head ads we searched floor after floor. As I said in my last post, my goal was to find a highboy and a long dresser. I figured as long we like the basic shape, it's in decent condition, and it doesn't smell, we can always paint and replace hardware. Unfortunately, dressers were the one thing Fred didn't have a lot of. But that's alright...we'll find them one day! 

In the meantime I keep thinking about this pallet garden idea: 

I had been wondering where I could get just one pallet and now I know! Fred's! I want to do a little pallet garden like this next year because it would be able to fit on our little patio. I think with some  landscape fabric stapled to the bottom it would work really well! My husband and I also want to build a modified trellis/arbor type of thing where we can have vine-like plants grow up but also hang some ferns or pretty flowers in hanging pots from the sides. That's a total different project, though! Getting ahead of myself here! But those are projects we'd like to get done in the early spring. 

As far as Fred's...it was quite an adventure. It's such an old building and it was dimly lit everywhere and you could never reach walls on any side of the rooms because there was just so much stuff! I personally wouldn't go alone but I'm sure we'll head back there sometime when we get an itch for a big project! 

What's your favorite hole-in-the-wall place to go? Is the sketchiness worth it? 

Till next time,

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