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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to Properly Open a Pomegranate

Today, I'm thankful for my friends. Friends who are nearby and friends who are far away. I have friends as far as Nevada and Wisconsin but I still consider them to be close friends. I wish we could spend more time together but separation doesn't change a thing. Most of my friends are back in the Richmond area and some days I wish so bad I still lived nearby. Currently a very good friend of mine is in the hospital suffering from severe pneumonia. Prayers for her would be highly appreciated. It's scary to be so far away during such a difficult time for her and her family. I wish I were close so I could help them out. It definitely seems like a Richmond trip is going to happen this weekend. Having a friend in the hospital just makes me realize how appreciative I need to be on a daily basis for the wonderful friends I have been blessed with! Whether they're here in Lynchburg, Richmond, Fredericksburg, or across the country, I love them all and am so glad to call them friends. I've heard it said before, "Strangers are simply friends you haven't met yet." Being away from where I grew up where I don't know but so many people, I need to hold on to that saying!

Have you ever wondered how in the world you open a pomegranate? It's quite easy, actually!

Pomegranates are beautiful (made for a nice prop with my engagement ring) and incredibly healthy for you. The power of the pomegranate wasn't really noticed until the last 5 or so years. Now suddenly everyone loves them! Most people tend to eat or drink things flavored with pomegranate but buying the whole fruit is delicious too! It may not be common knowledge how to open them but it's not as complicated as you might think. All you need is a knife and a bowl of water!

First, cut the top and bottom of the pomegranate off, about an inch wide section. Don't toss the pieces, you can get the seeds from them as well. 

Next, cut into the rind in 4 places, equally spaced apart. If you look at the pomegranate from the top you can sort of see where the thicker membrane is and you can follow those sections.

 Then, place the pomegranate into the bowl of water and gently separate it into about 4 sections, or however it comes apart.

This is the longest step. You have to gently press the seeds until they pop off the membrane. 

The pieces of membrane will float so all you have to do is strain them out. You may want to swirl the seeds around with your hands and separate any little pieces of membrane that came off with the seeds. Don't forget to grab the top and bottom pieces and get the seeds from them as well! With these pieces it's easy to just invert them and rub the seeds off. 

This is the inside of the top piece...I thought it looked pretty cool!

Once you've strained the bits of membrane out, then strain seeds from the water. You can use a colander, I just didn't feel like dirtying another dish! Plus this strainer spoon is huge!

Best step...enjoy! 

What's your favorite fruit? Is it an odd one like starfruit, pomegranate, or a kumquat? 

Till next time,

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