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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bargain Mart 2012

Today, I'm thankful for a roof over our heads, clean clothes on our backs, and food in our kitchen. There are so many people who do not have these luxuries. I really live in a place where I have "1st world problems." I need to stop complaining about these "problems" and be truly grateful for what I do have. I've seen first hand the incredible poverty that 3rd world countries endure on a daily basis. Their daily goal is survival while we fret over what to wear to work. I need to remind myself often how blessed I am and do what I can to bless others.

Bargain Mart 2012 wasn't what we were hoping for, but it wasn't a total bust either. It was basically a large indoor yard sale in a small warehouse. It had been open for 3 hours when we arrived so maybe we missed the best stuff! We did find a few things that we're nice little finds, and we paid about $8 for everything!

My husband found a couple old snake lights and other random pieces that he plans to use for more movie props and he got started almost as soon as we got home! He was excited about all the potential in the items he snagged.

I found some crafty materials like thin yarn, zippers and embroidery floss. I also grabbed two men's ties and a paperback book.

All this for less than $5!

I love the penguins!! I think they're adorable. No, I won't make my husband wear these ties. I want to make some sort of wallet/wristlet out of them or something. I've seen ideas on Pinterest and I'm hoping to try it out on these. I especially want to try turning fat ties into skinny ties for my husband. I see so many nice looking ties in thrift stores and Goodwill Stores but they're all really thick and that style is long gone! I really like this wristlet that I've seen a lot of. It's doesn't look TOO difficult to make...but then again...it could be. 

These are pretty cute too. I think they'd make adorable little gifts for girl friends. I could make them and stuff 'em with cute little mini bottles of perfume, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc.

And I really like this idea! Now if only I had a camera to make it for...

This last one is the kind of thing I don't really like. It's creative, but I personally wouldn't wear it. 

What do you think? How should I repurpose these old ties? 

P.S. Don't forget to set your clocks back by one hour tonight! Fall back! :) Enjoy that extra hour, folks. I know I will!

Till next time,

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