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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Family Farm Findings: Part 1

Hello all! 

No recipes or tutorials today, sorry! 

Although I do have some awesome findings to share with you!

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my mother and I went to visit The Farm as we like to call it. It's my grandparent's former home. It's a beautiful 200+ acre farm with a charming old yellow farm house as its center. My grandparents have both passed, my grandpa only 2 years ago. Two of my aunts and their children now live in the house along with an uncle. Since my grandpa passed it has been a hard process because all of his estate needed to be settled. My family is not rich by any means but it has been tough for my 8 aunts and uncles to deal with it all. Recently they have been working towards cleaning out the house and many sheds. Doing this is always tough as there are memories attached to everything! Instead of letting everything collect dust, the family has been going through things and deciding what they wanted to keep and what would be donated or thrown away. 

I hadn't gotten anything yet and wanted some things of my grandparents' before it just got taken to the thrift store. I got a lot of really amazing stuff that I really will treasure for many years. I'll post more on the special items later. I first got pictures of the items I got from one of my grandpa's sheds so that's what I'll share with you today. These are all cool things that my husband and I will need some day and I love that they were my grandpa's! 

My grandparents were flea market connoisseurs and I can tell you that's where a lot of my thriftiness came from! I found so many items with flea market stickers still attached! I love this wooden tool caddy that I found. It also has a flea market price written on the side! 

Heavy duty drop forged steel scissors, pipe wrench, and a Made in the USA C-clamp.

Made in the USA square! Sensing a pattern? 

Skilsaw (one of 3 I found), some rasps, sandpaper block a pencil engraver, handsaw, coping saw, and a brush (one of MANY I found.) If you look closely at the brush you can see the flea market price!

I'm sensing some cool projects with this gadget! We researched and found out it can etch glass!

Awesome multi-pocket tool belt with an army pocket attachment. 

Really sharp and just a little rust.


I also found a couple horse halters and a bunch of dog collars and leashes. Keep in mind there haven't been horses at The Farm in probably 20 years! I also found my grandpa's old dog Fluppy's harness, name tag and all. I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little misty eyed when I found that! Fluppy was a silly old black poodle mix and he was a super sweet little guy. He was always at my grandpa's side.

I even found an assortment of fishing lures like this one. I'm not sure what kind it is or what type of fishing it's used for but I figured we could use them to start our tackle box! 

There was a box of tiny hooks too. 

And The Fisherman's Friend multi-tool. You can measure, cut, and weight your fish with this one gadget!

There was also some fishing line and a fish scaler as well. Oh and one little bobber. It's a start to our little collection! 

The day was a bit emotional but it was nice to know I can hold on to some things that were my grandpa's and will think of him whenever we get to use them. 

Stay tuned for another blog where I'll post about some of the more meaningful items I found!

Do you like to hold onto your passed relatives things? Do you feel like it keeps you closer to your heritage? Or would you rather hold onto just a couple things and send the rest to Goodwill?

Till next time,

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