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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Walking Dead Workout-Season 3

Better late than never, here's the complete breakdown for season 3 of The Walking Dead workout!!

If you're unfamiliar with this workout, then start HERE.

Now play some reruns from your computer and get to work!

Here's a targeted workout breakdown. 

Season 3: 

Episode 1-Abs
Episode 2-Moderate
Episode 3-Moderate/Hard abs (14 minutes worth of planks!)
Episode 4-Abs/Moderate
Episode 5-Easy
Episode 6-Easy
Episode 7-Easy
Episode 8-Moderate
Episode 9-Moderate
Episode 10-Abs
Episode 11-Arms/Easy
Episode 12-Easy
Episode 13-Easy
Episode 14-Easy
Episode 15-Abs
Episode 16-Abs/Hard

Did I miss anything? If you watch through and catch anymore walkers or cries that I missed, please let me know! 

Till next time,

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