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Friday, April 19, 2013

Plant all the things!

The other day you may have read my post on how to make a pallet garden for less than $20, well, I've got a mini pallet left and I was thinking herbs! I found this article about 10 best and easy herbs to grow. Can I just have one of everything, please?

The Lynchburg Community Market is tomorrow (Saturday) so I think I'm going to go scout out some herbs that I can transplant into my pallet garden and maybe some seeds too. I also tried growing garlic a few times but it never made it so if I can find some local garlic that would be awesome!

I also discovered that broccoli is a cold weather veggie. Duh...I should know these things! Don't judge me...I'm brand new to all of this! Then I was thinking I should try out kale. Apparently kale prefers cold weather too. BUT it can do well in warm weather as well. A quick Google search helped me find this awesome kale resource. Sounds like it's worth a try. Kale is definitely an amazing food to have in your diet!

So here's my list for the Market this weekend:

  • Kale (seeds or seedlings)
  • Garlic (dried bulb or plant)
  • Basil (preferably seedlings)
  • Parsley (preferably seedlings)
  • Oregano (preferably seedlings)
  • Tarragon (preferably seedlings)
  • Chives (preferably seedlings)
  • Lemongrass (plant)

Wait...how'd lemongrass sneak in there? Well lemongrass deters mosquitos and I want to sit on my patio with my husband as much as the weather permits this year! Now that we finally have seating!

That and I just want one of everything.

What do you think? Am I missing any good ones? 

Till next time,

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