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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cook: Homemade Breakfast Sausage

Homemade breakfast sausage made from local, pastured ground pork! It's even better than it sounds! To make this the way I did, you'll need to go to Auburnlea Farms or their website and order a pound or two of their ground pork and their Breakfast Sage Sausage Seasoning. Go do it...it's worth it. They're located in Gladys, Virgina which is less than 30 minutes from Lynchburg. I wrote more about them here

  • 2lbs ground pork
  • 3 Tbs breakfast sausage seasoning
  • 3 Tbs water


First thaw the pork if you haven't done so already. I always prefer to let it thaw in the fridge overnight instead of ever using the microwave. 

And your yummy seasoning! It's not spicey which is great because I'm a wuss when it comes to spice. It's just the right combination that creates a delicious end product. You could also add some bread crumbs if you wanted to make it a little fluffier. 

Put the pork, seasoning and water into a large bowl and get in there and mix it with your hands. I know it's cold and gross but it's the best way! If you prefer spicy sausage, add in your spice of choice now. 

Form small sausage links or patties with your hands. I made links this time because I was making them for my delicious breakfast pockets. Which, by the way, are amazing.

Drop them into your skillet on medium heat.

Once they've browned, flip them over and let the other side brown. 

Helpful Hint: Instead of dirtying an old coffee mug with the extra grease, grab a piece of aluminum foil, fold it in half and gently press it into the form of the mug. Then all you have to do is wrap it up and toss it in the trash! Brilliant! Just don't press too hard or you'll puncture the foil. 

And just like that, they're done! I managed to get 50 sausage link out of 2lbs of ground pork. Again, if you wanted to add something like bread crumbs, you can make the recipe go further for less. I used about 20 links for the breakfast pockets, my husband and I ate maybe 5 each with our breakfast-for-dinner and the rest went into the freezer before we could devour the rest!

I'm not big on pork but man, these sausages were amazing! I think next time I'll try it with ground turkey which I'm sure will be just as delicious. We wanted to get turkey but they were out for the time being.

What's your favorite kind of sausage? Turkey, beef, pork, chicken? Would you rather buy it from the store or make it yourself?

Till next time,


  1. Your homemade breakfast sausage not only looks delicious, they’re also healthier being made from local, pastured ground pork. I can’t wait to try one as I also grow food in my garden at home.


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