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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ivy Creek Park in Lynchburg, Virginia

I never get tired of that mountain view.

 My husband and I recently discovered a cute little local park called Ivy Creek Park. It was a beautiful day, high of 70 degrees in mid January! We knew we had to take advantage of it.

I pass the road to this park quite often so we decided to check it out. 

It's just a wee little baby park...it's not even 2 years old yet. 

There's a nice paved trail from the parking lot, past a playground, down to the lake. The lake is called Clemmons Lake and you can fish (catch and release), or rent a canoe and relax on the water. There's a nice dock as well. 

There's a half mile trail that circles the lake. 

How about that...Lynchburg's very own mini-swamp! Haha.

Nicely built bridge over the swampy area. 

Pretty even in the winter.

Check out this huge tree stump that a beaver took down! Amazing little critters.

You're so welcome :-)

Apparently we're slow to learn our new-ish surroundings. Little did I know that Lynchburg has a ton of parks! You can view a list of local Lynchburg parks here. I've decided that we will be visiting all of these parks in 2013. We love the outdoors so these will be fun little adventures for us! I can't wait till the weather gets better! It's been cold and raining for almost 4 days straight and now they're calling for ice and snow. Yuck. I'm even more grateful we took advantage of that warm day!

Do you live in the country or do you go visit local parks? Where are some of your favorite local parks? Do you prefer more amenities like playground and picnic tables or do you prefer just miles of beautiful trails? 

Till next time,

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