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Friday, January 4, 2013

Random thoughts...

Some random thoughts of the day:

  • I have the best cat. He purrs and sits on my lap while I clip all his nails. He also meows a lot. Ok he doesn't think he's meowing...he thinks he's talking to us.
  • I am super excited to start watching the Scarlett miniseries that is based on the book Scarlett, sequel to Gone With The Wind. The actors who play Rhett and Scarlett are no Vivien Leigh and no Clark Gable but it is a great book that needed to be turned into a movie or TV show! My husband can tell you...the entire time I was reading Scarlett I kept saying "This book needs to be made into a TV show! It would probably suck without Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable but it needs to be done!" Lo and behold...someone did in 1994! Only 3 years after Alexandra Ripley wrote Scarlett!
  • How did Miss Frizzle teach science with a MAGIC school bus?
  • I want need a dresser so badly. Why are they so difficult to find??
  • I desperately miss riding horses. Gotta find a barn here in Lynchburg.
  • Has anyone ever heard of a little wooden toy called a hootie stick? You're probably from the Richmond area if you have! I'll probably have to elaborate more on that later. 
  • Lastly...what am I doing on the computer?? We have a friend staying with us for a few days so I need to get my butt in gear and do some cleaning! 
Feeling some random thoughts lately? There are so many but I forget to write them down! How about you?

Till next time,

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