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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good Mail Day

Such a nice sight to see when I opened my little mailbox today!  Two new postcards from Postcrossing and a full size freebie of Hill's Science Diet Veggie Chips dog treats!

I love freebies and when I signed up for this I didn't expect a full sized bag! Science Diet treats aren't cheap! Needless to say, the pups love them! Sweet potatoes and carrots are two of their favorite veggies! I'm not sure where I first heard about the giveaway but it was probably either Hip2Save or FabuLESSlyFrugal

My Postcrossing postcards were from Germany and China. So cool! I need to send more soon. If you're not familiar with it, Postcrossing is kind of like simplified pen pals. Remember back when you were 11 and had a pen pal in Montana that you found in the Tiger Beat magazine? Don't lie...you did. 

My postcard from Germany. The sender lives along the Rhine River in a small town. The postcard is of old Berlin.

This odd postcard is from China. The sender wrote that I have three wishes from the lamp of God. The "lamp of God" kind of scares me a bit!! I'm not sure what's worse, it's lips or it's "tail" or it's gigantic belly button. Why on earth is it holding an umbrella with it's proper pinky out? So many questions. 


Postcrossing is just sending postcards but you register them online and you can see a visual map of where your cards have gone, and where ones you have received have come from. It's really cool! You should check it out! Plus, you can specify whether or not you'd like to continue communicating and become pen pals with your postcard sender/recipient. So far I have sent 5 postcards, received 3 and am continuing correspondance with my first postcard recipient from Germany! It's really cool, I'm enjoying it so far!

Did you ever have pen pals? Where was the furthest your letters traveled? I used to have pen pals in Italy and Spain! I also had ones in the United States as well. 

Till next time,

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