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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Blog Posts-Yay or Nay?

When I went through the amazing journey of being engaged and planning a wedding, there were so many times where I would think, "Man, I should write this down!" I used a lot of great books and resources for planning our dream wedding but there were plenty of instances where I just wanted real advice that made sense. Now that I'm into blogging and loving it, I wish more and more that I had started this blog ages ago when the real wedding planning began! Not to sound cocky, but I feel like I had/have so much advice to pass on to future brides! And especially for brides in the Richmond/Hanover area of Virginia.

I absolutely LOVED planning our wedding. Yes, at times it was a little stressful (fortunately I don't stress out that bad) but the majority of it was so fun! I had a blast DIYing some things and hunting for the best value and the best vendors I could. Oh and the bridal shows were tons of fun! Even now I get super excited when friends ask me any sort of wedding planning advice. I'm more than happy to help them out as much as I can! And now that I've dove into the ocean that is Pinterest, my wedding ideas are endless! Yeah...I didn't have the luxury of planning a Pinterest wedding! I didn't know anything about it until maybe a month before I got married!

Now I wonder, should I go back through my wedding planning binder and try to recreate it all? What do you think? Would you read wedding planning advice or send it on to friends who are getting married? Let me know, please!

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