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Friday, December 7, 2012

Family Farm Findings: Part 3

Ok, the third part in this unintentional installment! If you missed the first two, here they are: Family Farm Findings: Part 1 and Family Farm Findings: Part 2

I was going to include these cameras in part 2 but it just was too much so I decided to make another post for them. We'll also be visiting The Farm during the week of Christmas so I might have part 4 eventually! 

I absolutely LOVE old and antique cameras. Pretty much anything that's not digital I snatch up. I've got a small collection already but my aunt handed me a big bag full of cameras which I was excited about! I'm doubtful that any are old family cameras because a bunch of them still had thrift store price stickers on them! 

Old and even older! There were two in cases and one empty case as well. 

These are just the "old" cameras. I've got so many like this now I'm considering buying some 35mm film and taking pictures with some of these for fun. 

This one even had a used roll of film in it!! I can hardly wait to get it developed!

This big Poloroid is actually the second one like this that I have. This one is better because it is cleaner and still had the original instructional booklet inside along with other papers and even two cold clips!

So cool. 

Land Camera. Automatic 104.

Taking photographs used to actually be WORK! None of this "point and shoot" crap. 

I also have the same Holiday Edition Brownie too but this one came with a flash and a nice case. 

And finally a Sears easi-load 210! This one came in two sections and has to be put together to use. It also came with a "110" case. 

What kinds of things do you like to collect? Are you collecting them for future value or because you simply enjoy them?

Till next time,

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