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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas is almost here!

Are you ready? There's only a couple of days to go!

Got your suitcase packed for a week of family?
Meals planned?
Presents bought?
Presents wrapped?
Car loaded? Or plane tickets purchased?
Gassed up?
Pet sitter lined up?

Phew! We're getting there! As I may have mentioned before, I have to work for a few hours on Christmas Eve morning but after that it's time to hit the road for Richmond! Hm, as far as that list is concerned for us...we've got a ways to go. Haha. It'll get done this weekend!

My current To-Do list for Saturday and Sunday includes:
  • Wash/Dry/Fold/Put away all clothes
  • Wash/Dry/Put back our bed sheets
  • Pick up around the house
  • Take the trash out
  • Clean the cat pan
  • Bathe the dogs
  • Pack our stuff for a week
  • Pack dog supplies, food to bring, and anything else that needs to go back to Richmond
  • Pack presents into the car
  • Fill the car with gas
Oh boy...now that I typed all that out...yikes. I think I'd better get my butt in gear! Not to mention there are two little crafty projects I've been wanting to finish also! Looks like a call to Domino's may be in order for dinner ;)

What's on your last minute Christmas To-Do list? Even if it's a lot...don't stress...just breathe! You've got this!

Till next time,

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