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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Movie Time

You may remember me mentioning that my husband loves to make movies. If he could get paid to make movies, he would.

Well recently he and some friends have been working towards making a few short movies. One is an apocalyptic type movie, one is a medieval film, and one is a sort of sci-fi space movie. He has been working on making cardboard helmets and other props for the different movies.

Since it's Christmas time still and people are on vacation, today he enlisted everyone involved in the movie making and other friends as actors to start filming some scenes for the movies. I even played a dead body! Haha that's about as far as I go in "acting."

It was really fun watching the guys do their thing. Once it got too cold outside, us ladies went back inside and hung out. It was me, another friend's wife and a friend's girlfriend. We were good sports though and we played our parts as dead bodies!

These projects may take quite a while to complete because everyone lives so far apart but they're all passionate enough that it will get done at some point! I'll be sure to share it with you when it is!

Till next time,

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