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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Done with Christmas prep!

Ok, not completely but I have finished all my Christmas shopping AND wrapping! I have everything in a huge Sterilite box ready to load into the car when we head back to Richmond for Christmas. I spent my evening last night wrapping Christmas presents and watching Aristocats on Netflix. Don't judge me...you know you love that movie too! I'm planning on watching Fox and the Hound tonight! Love that one even more!

So glad to be a little  ahead of the game as far as Christmas wrapping!

I still need to plan what food(s) I'm going to bring but it probably won't be much. Hopefully Christmas will just be relaxing and fun. Mmm...maybe I could make sweet potato casserole again! Yum!

How about you? Are you a last minute wrapper or do you like to have it all done way in advance?

Till next time,

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