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Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY: Paw Print Ornament

Want to make an adorable little momento of your pet(s) to hang on your Christmas tree? With only a week left till Christmas, you'd better hurry up! Or, just make one or more for next year! These would also be cute just hung up in a picture frame or on the wall or near a picture of your pooch! Or your cat! This project takes maybe an hour tops so it's really quick and easy too! Not to mention cheap! The brand of clay I bought was only $1.50 but Sculpey and nicer brands were $2.50 and a little more. I already had the ribbon from another project so all I had to buy was the clay!

Here is the original tutorial featured on Sew DoggyStyle!

All you need is: 
  • Sculpey polymer clay or a similar brand
  • Something with a point to carve with, like a nail. I used the empty tip of a mechanical pencil
  • A flat ended item for making the hole for the ribbon, such as a spoon
  • Ribbon of your choice

You could also buy a multi-pack of clay colors so you can make a little embellishment like a candy cane, bow, wreath, candy cane, bone, etc. The possibilites are really endless! You could cover it in glitter, paint it, or even Bedazzle it if you want!


Gather your clay in whichever colors you want. I bought the cheaper version of Sculpey...unfortunately! I should have just spent the extra $1 for the better brand. Two of the three that I bought ended up being really dry and difficult to work with. I took them back and exchanged them but the new ones were just as bad! If this happens to you, I recommend microwaving it for about 7 second increments until it is workable. The heat makes it easier to work with. I also added coconut oil (it is an oil based clay) and worked it in and that helped a lot! If you do that, just be careful not to add too much. A little goes a long way!

Work a small piece into a ball. The size will vary depending on your pet's paw size.  

Roll it out. I didn't want to stain my rolling pin so I used what I had nearby...a bottle of Mod Podge. You'll want it to be about 1/4"in thickness when it's rolled out to the size you need. 

Now get your first victim...I mean, pet. "What is she doing to me??"

"Oh she can't be serious..."

Be sure to press down the main pad and each little pad for a complete impression. 

Make the indentation for your ribbon to go through later. 

I decided to put the year and their names on the ornaments. 

Jill's turn!

Even the cat gets one! My animals put up with a lot. Haha.

Yes my cat's name is Waffles :) Weirdly enough, it fits him well. 

Now pop them into the oven at 275 for about 15 minutes. I put them on a piece of aluminum foil so my cookie sheet wouldn't be stained either. The brand I used recommends 15 minutes for every 1/4" of thickness of the clay at 275. Be sure to read the package of whatever brand you get to be sure. 

Let them cool off then string a ribbon through the hole. All done! You would also glaze it at this point if you choose to do so. It will protect it and strengthen it but I didn't buy any. They seem sturdy enough without it. I just didn't want to buy clay glaze when I don't ever work with clay.

Waffles 2012

Kito 2012

Jill 2012

On the tree! Sorry the pictures is so bad...it took me forever just to get one this decent!

Don't forget to model your pets with their ornaments! Haha let me just say, these took a while to get! The dogs were being very good and sitting still but the cat has yet to learn the "stay" command!

He was up just milliseconds after I took this one! Geez this picture proves my pets aren't the most photogenic!

So what are you waiting for, animal lovers? Go make a cute paw print ornament! Oh and those who think this would be cute with your child...do it! This polymer clay is non-toxic!

Do you like to make pet or child paw/hand print ornaments or art as they grow? 

Till next time,


  1. I have to say they look cute with their ornaments.

    1. Can you believe I got them all to pose together? Haha. They're precious and you know it, mom!

  2. These are adorable! I can't wait to make them for my cats. ^.^

  3. Your animals are very photogenic! I love their faces.


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