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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to Choose Blinds for Your Home {Guest Post}

Today I'm happy to bring you another guest post! This time, it is Danielle from the Melbourne Blind Company giving us some tips for choosing blinds for our homes! Take it away, Danielle!

Things to consider when choosing new blinds for your home

Maybe you’re sick of your current d├ęcor, or you don’t want to repair those old broken ones, buying new blinds can be surprisingly affordable. When you have decided that you prefer blinds to furnish your windows over the more traditional option of curtains, the first thing you will need to ask yourself is, what kind? What would you like your blinds to do; Keep eyes out? Keep light out? Provide privacy? Add colour? Filter light? Create ambiance?

There are a variety of blinds available, and they can be custom designed to suit the style and decor of your home, like those at the Melbourne Blind Company. From translucent roller blinds to romans and timber venetians, there are many to choose from. Blinds are considered a less formal style of window furnishings and are commonly seen in family areas, particularly to block out the sun which provides protection from UV rays by day and the added comfort of insulation at night. 

If you have a really large window space to cover, any kind of vertical blind, including panel blinds, are the best option as they allow for a long stretch of coverage. These come in both light and heavier options, but when the months are getting colder, insulation is what you need. You can layer blinds behind curtains, or purchase blinds that use thicker fabric.

You should look at the materials and the environment in which they will be used. Consider what will work best in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries where dampness can be a problem if you don't have good ventilation. For the bedroom and living room, think about comfort and which blinds will not only look good, but also provide decent ventilation.

Also, be open to different types of blinds for different rooms. There is no reason for only having Verticals or Romans in every room of the home. Mix and match the style to suit the atmosphere of each room and for bedrooms, the taste of the person who lives in that room. Blinds are a really versatile way to furnish the windows in your home and instantly create a new, vibrant feel.

Thanks so much Danielle for your awesome post! My home is way overdue for some sprucing up with easy additions like blinds and curtains! 

Do you have blinds, curtains, or both in your house? What is your favorite style of blinds? 

Till next time,


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  2. While I agree with mixing and matching blinds to each room’s theme, it would also be best to at least keep it in the same color scheme, as it would look strange from the outside, especially if the windows happen to be placed side by side.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I agree. It's a lot of work but preparing an entire house color scheme that goes together is important for continuity!

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