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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Surprise in the Mail!

So apparently back in August I signed up online for a free Listen To Your Skin kit. I only vaguely remember doing so. Sometime over the summer I learned about Hip2Save and haven't regretted it one bit! Hip2Save is an amazing blog full of freebies, coupons, and all sorts of deals! I have gotten lots of free stuff because Colin posts the latest deals. Even Colin wrote a post about how surprised she was when hers kit showed up!


This cool free sun care kit came with a drawstring bookbag, a hat with an oddly long neck flap thing, lip balm with SPF, and a small bottle of sunscreen! It also came with an informational booklet about specific types of skin cancer. The first page said that 1 in 5 people will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Yikes!! No thank you! 

So thanks to this little bundle I'll be all ready for summer! In...6 months! Pretty cool for not even having to pay for shipping!

Have you ever signed up for something free then forgotten about it before it arrived? What's the best free item you've received from a company?

Till next time,

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