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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Wooo!! I can hardly explain how excited I am to be going on vacation! My husband and I are going to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, specifically Avon, with my family for almost a week. We can barely wait! Today I went to work, then came right home to finish baking bread for the trip and clean and pack! I wanted to stop and write a quick post before finishing up then when my husband gets home it's off to the beach! It's almost a 7 hour drive from here in Lynchburg but who cares! We're on vacation!

This is where we're headed! Ahhh the beauty!!! We're not even big fans of the beach or swimming in the ocean (too cold now anyways!) but just getting away with family is wonderful! We love the OBX because it's always so quiet and relaxing and fun. The locals are super nice too!

If you're not familiar with the OBX, here's a map of the area. We'll be staying in Avon which is below the "12" on the line of islands. I went to the South OBX (SOBX) with a friend last month which was Atlantic Beach further down. It's not technically on the chain of islands but it's right by them. It was a really nice place too! It's near Emerald Isle, if you're familiar with that.

I'll do my best to keep up the blog while in the OBX but hey...no guarantees! It's vacation, after all! I'll do my best to bring back some great stories and photos to share with you all!

Time to finish up everything!

What's your favorite little vacation spot?

Till next time,

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