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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I'm really not a big fan of the beach. We would generally choose the mountains over the beach any day but I'm learning to love the OBX all over again. We went every year when I was a kid and I always remember having the best times. Now as an adult I feel like I can definitely appreciate it even better! Mostly what we dislike about the beach is the heat in the summer! But since our OBX trip is always in October we avoid all that. It's quiet and beautiful and relaxing and the weather is always just right. Just right meaning mid 60s-mid 70s with blue skies and a breeze. Love it!

Today was a lovely, relaxing day of sitting on the beach followed by making a delicious Mexican dinner and having a great time with family. Our dogs came with us and they got to experience the beach for the first time! It was quite cute!

I even drew the cliche heart and initials in the sand for fun :)

It was a great first day and I'm excited for the rest! We're hoping to go searching for some of The Winged Horses that are scattered through the OBX. They're beautiful winged and not winged painted horse statues. It'll be a fun adventure to see how many we can find!

Do your pets come with you on vacation with you? 

Till next time,

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