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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Logistics of Freezer Meals

Ever since first seeing freezer meals on Pinterest, I have wanted to give it a try. We only have a regular sized freezer on top of our refrigerator so I've been postponing the idea thinking that we don't have the room and it's just too much work. Well finally, my friend Samantha and I nailed it down the other day that we are going to partner up and do it! We picked out one of my freezer meal pins and began looking through the recipes. The main blog we chose recipes from was This Lady's House. The blogger's name is Jayme and she wonderfully organized the recipes and ingredients list into a couple different formats so that anyone can use them. Her plan was for 10 freezer meals in one day.

Sam and I sorted through the recipes and decided to remove a couple of them. We did this for a few reasons, 1) so we could cut costs a little. The portions are for families of 4-6 and Sam is a newlywed as I am so we only need to cook for two. We should have more than enough meals with the initial meal and leftovers. 2) There were just a few things we didn't care for or didn't think our husbands would like. 3) We'd rather not overwhelm ourselves the first time we attempt a big cooking project!

We decided we were going to make freezer meals of the following recipes:
Taco Soup
Chick & Wild Rice Soup
Hash Brown Casserole (formerly Tater Tot Casserole, we're doing it with hash browns instead)
Italian Sausage Soup with Tortellini
Wild Rice Chicken
Chicken Enchiladas

We found a slightly different chicken enchiladas recipe pin and decided on that one instead. The recipe is found here. We're using that recipe more as a starting point. We plan to add beans and rice and not use the corn.

Yesterday I went through the lovely Excel document that Jayme set up and I added and subtracted things according to the recipes we chose. It was thrilling, let me just tell you. And today I've decided I'm going to go do something even more exciting! I'm going to the grocery store (Food Lion) to scout prices and see what's on sale or not. I've heard that extreme couponers do this every week. Hopefully this trip will help us to shop smarter when we pick up everything that we need. I'm also planning on finding coupons for some of the things we need.

Well, wish me luck! I guess I should go eat something so I don't bring home the whole store!! Might as well pick up a few things while I'm there. Although I sure am glad I don't need to buy bread anymore! I LOVE making my own bread! More on that another time!

Have you ever tried freezer meal cooking? What are some of your tips and tricks?

Till next time,

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