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Saturday, October 13, 2012

My husband: The Artist

I know I've written before about how awesome my husband is...I tend to do that a lot. I guess I'm a little biased but oh well! Since I'm on my own for another couple days while he's out of town for work, I thought I'd write about some of his talents and promote him a bit. He might not like to brag on himself but I have no qualms about it!!

First of all, he's an absolutely amazing musician! He began learning classical piano when he was about 8 years old but within a few years he broke off on his own. His parents gave him an electronic keyboard and he began making his own music like crazy! Over the years his talents have grown by leaps and bounds. He can just pick up an instrument and play it like he's been doing it for years! Within the past year he has expanded his instrumental wonders and written lyrics to a bunch of songs. They're all so good! I literally listened to one of his songs for an hour straight on repeat while on a long drive! It's also kind of fun to know that I'm his inspiration :)

There's a cool website called ReverbNation that helps aspiring musicians of every genre promote their music. My husband has his own page that you should go check out HERE! You should also go to his Facebook music page and hit LIKE! But definitely go to his ReverbNation page and listen to some of his stuff! I promise you won't regret it! My personal favorite, the one I can listen to for an hour, is So Much More. I swear it's all radio-worthy! Go! Listen! Now! I'll wait.

Back from listening to some great new tunes? What'd you think?? Crazy talent, right? Show some love and click "like" on songs and become a fan on ReverbNation! Leave comments, ask questions, support an awesome musician! Oh and stay tuned for some Christmas music!

Secondly, he can draw and paint! He doesn't do it as often as he'd like but he has done some amazing work. He can do incredible portraits as well as, well, anything. Some of the best include a hand drawing of Jack Skellington, Johnny Depp (for my mom), and his grandma's lake house in New Hampshire. I'll try and get some pictures of them to prove how good he is! We plan to advertise on our Etsy shop that he can do custom portraits and pictures.

And thirdly, he can make movies! He can film, edit, animate, and score (make the music) for any kind of movie. This is really what he loves to do, but usually money becomes an issue and limits what he can do. But he does awesome work with what he has. If you click HERE you can check out his YouTube channel. His channel name came from a nickname from a friend. He's got some silly videos on there as well as some gun fight mini movies he's made with friends, and some test videos he's made to try out new effects and such. So what are you waiting for? Go watch some of them!

So as you can see, he's a man of many talents! I feel like it's almost not fair for one person to have so much talent but at least I get to share in it every day!

What are your man's talents? Is he handier with a screwdriver than a pencil? A whiz at accounting? Or is he simply the best at making you feel like a queen?

Till next time,

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