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Friday, October 19, 2012


The surf...no, not surfing. I am too much of a wuss to attempt surfing! I've seen one too many Shark Weeks to venture further than knee deep into the ocean!

Today was another relaxing day...the best kind of vacation day, am I right? My husband, mom, and I went shopping and got some nice end-of-season sale items. Two huge monogrammed OBX towels for $20? Heck yes! We got a few souvenirs for family and checked out a few local shops. I spent way too much time trying to find a buddy for my hermit crab, Scarlett! My husband and I will go back tomorrow to pick a friend or two, especially if they also fall under the 50% off clearance category! I think hermit crabs are underrated little creatures and are cool pets! I got them as a kid but now I'm enjoying having one as an adult! After seeing the rough condition they were in at the stores, I feel like I need to rescue them as if they're puppies in a puppy mill! I also bought a few little things and am collecting sand and shells to improve their habitat. Maybe I can find a free tank somewhere and give them a big place to roam! Forget the "crazy cat lady" it's the new and improved, "crazy hermit crab lady!" Haha.

The rest of our daylight hours were spent fishing the surf where I caught a sea mullet and nothing else. Neither my dad or husband caught anything. We're hoping tomorrow will be a better day for fishing because that's when the fishing tournament starts. My dad is a part of a 4-Wheel Drive Club and they have this tournament every year. But so far, not much luck fishing!

For dinner I made pizza which everyone seemed to enjoy, even though it's whole wheat and some of my family still prefers the regular crap! I got the recipe from a friend and I can share it next time I make it so I can get good pictures of the process.

Do you like to vacation during the peak season or off season? Why? We love going in off season because it's all around much cheaper and we love to save money!

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