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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane's a-comin'!

The entire East coast has been preparing for Hurricane Sandy this past week, except me. Lynchburg is too far inland to be getting much more than a little wind and rain. So far, that's all we've seen. Sandy is supposed to hit land this evening but I believe she'll already be North of Virginia by then. I'm all about being prepared but I'm not one to freak and run to the store and buy all the bread! At least storms are good for business! Once we have more space, I plan to have a little stockpile of emergency supplies. Right now it's a flashlight, some candles, and cans of tuna. Haha.

Instead of rushing through the grocery store in a panic, I'm relaxing in my PJs all warm while tea brews and German chocolate cake bakes in the oven! Sorry, I cheated and used a box. But I didn't have any eggs so I used two bananas as a replacement. I can let you all know how that goes! So, no recipe today but possible an ingredient supplement! I could taste the banana ever so slightly when I, ahem, cleaned up the batter ;) but I don't think it will be noticeable when it's baked, especially with the icing. I hope I'm timing this cake right so that it's ready when my husband gets home from work! German chocolate is his favorite!

I need to get my behind in gear and re-organize our desk! We finally gave away our guest bed and so now our spare bedroom is going to be an office/craft room. We're both excited about finally being able to really use this room! As for when we have guests, we have an awesome air mattress that a friend gave us as a wedding gift! The room isn't much yet but it's a work in progress!

Once my husband gets home it's time for the best cold & rainy day things...warm blankets, cuddling, fuzzy socks, hot tea, hot chocolate, popcorn, movies, warm pets and a warm husband :) Tonight it will be The Walking Dead instead of movies!

What do you like to do on cold, rainy days? Do you like to go out and stock up before a storm, just in case? What's in your stockpile/emergency kit?

Till next time,

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