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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Diamond Candles - A ring in every candle!

Oh yes I was finally able to do a review of Diamond Candles!! If you've never heard of Diamond Candles, they're quality candles made from 100% soy, eco-friendly and clean. The big attraction though is that there is a ring hidden in every candle! These rings can be valued at $10, $100, $1000 or even $5000! 

Be sure to check out their Facebook page because they giveaway free candles all the time! 

I was fortunate enough to get two candles to try and review and right off the bat I was impressed with their packaging! Just a simple box that's folded in a way that cradles the candles so they survive shipping without loads of wasteful, plastic packaging.

I received Vanilla Lime scent.

And Lavender Lemon scent. They both smelled amazing but I especially loved the Lavender Lemon!

They include a little gold circle to help you know about where the ring will be. 

But you can't tell where it is from the top. So you will have to burn it for a while. Patience is key! 

After several hours (I didn't count, sorry), I noticed the foil packaging starting to show! 

WARNING: It is HOT! Be sure to blow out the candle and NEVER reach in with your bare fingers. Use a spoon or tweezers. 

Chewed up gum, anyone? 

I was giddy as a little girl on Christmas to get it open! 

Lookin' big! 

And here it is! If you're careful you can keep the melted wax from getting on the ring. It's in foil but then in a small plastic bag. 

It's a beautiful ring! I'm not sure what sort of stone it is, but it's definitely costume jewelry. There are no markings whatsoever. Boo-sauce! 

Either way, it's a pretty ring! Ironically...I'm not big on jewelry, especially stuff like this so I probably won't be wearing it but it would make for a great gift! I can even package it in my lovely little cardboard tube gift boxes

The Vanilla Lime candle gave me this little gem! Again, no markings so I assume it's costume jewelry. 

One thing about both of these rings is that they were both very solid and have a decent weight to them so they weren't plastic at least. I really am not sure of the value. I'm not headed to the pawn shop, though...ha! 

Overall I had a blast with my Diamond Candles and am still enjoying the scents! I would definitely buy one for myself or buy them as gifts! It's such an awesome gift. I think my only issue with Diamond Candles is the soy. Soy candles are definitely better than regular paraffin candles but I can't attest to whether or not the soy is GMO-free or not. I also can't attest to the negative effects of GMO soy candles being burned in your home. I'd love more insight on this if anyone knows more! 

Have you gotten a Diamond Candle before? What kind of ring did you get? What would you guess the value of my rings are? 

Till next time,

Disclaimer: I received these candles for free from Diamond Candles to review but all opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. I've never had one before, but I might have to buy one for my fiance as a joke (he's a jeweler). I think they look cool, even if the rings are just costume jewelry.

    1. Haha that would be too funny! I think so too...you still get a free ring! :)

  2. Both scents sound really nice. The rings are nice designs. I'd like to see one of the more expensive ones.

    1. Me too! I was really crossing my fingers to get one of the $5,000 rings! :D


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