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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wally - The beagle with an amazing story (who needs a home!)

This is Wally's story.

"My name is Wal-Mart. Most people call me Wally. I was given this name because I lived outside of the Wal-Mart in Appomattox, Virginia for about 5 years. No one could catch me or touch me but many people loved me and would buy food just for me to enjoy. 

About 6 months ago, animal control officers amped up their efforts to catch me because it was realized that I had an embedded collar. My previous owner put it on me when I wasn't done growing. They managed to catch me and brought me back to the animal shelter. Soon after I was taken to a nearby veterinarian who removed the collar and stitched me back together again. I wasn't sure of anything but I was slowly learning to trust humans. 

While I recovered, I stayed in the pound. It wasn't my favorite place to be but I kept learning to trust people more and more. I stayed for about two months before landing a spot in a foster home, only to be returned because I didn't know how to walk on a leash and my first foster mom was unable to carry my 35lb frame around. 

Next I was brought back to the nice veterinarian man where they took away my manhood and tested me for diseases I could have picked up while living free. Unfortunately I had contracted heartworms and another tick-borne disease called ehrlichia

As if having my manhood taken away wasn't bad enough! Not to mention I hated having stitches in my tummy so I kept trying to pull them out. They stapled me, wrapped me up in bandages and put a humiliating cone around my neck! 

I stayed at the vet for many weeks while getting my first round of heartworm treatment, ehrlichia medication and recovering from being neutered. 

During those weeks I really learned to trust people and learned that they provide me with more than just food, but also love and affection! I also house trained myself. I couldn't understand why other dogs would treat their kennel run as a bathroom! Gross! 

I love being petted and rubbed. People are so nice to me! It took time for me to trust them but now I love them! After several weeks, another wonderful lady decided to foster me. She has a securely fenced yard where I love to run and breathe in the fresh air! 

One family brought me to their house for a few days to see how I would fit in. I made myself right at home with their beagle. You'd think we were long-lost cousins!

 I even like hanging around other dogs! Although, I don't really know how to play. Cuddling is more my thing.

I really liked the home and the other dogs, but, I enjoyed chasing their cat too much for their liking and they didn't have a yard for me to run in. I want a home where I can lounge inside at night but run around outside during the day. So now I'm back with my foster mom enjoying the "dog days of summer."

 This sure isn't the end of my story but I can hardly wait for the next chapter in my "furrever" home! Until then, I'll enjoy my time with my foster mom and her dogs but be dreaming of what's next."

If you know someone who may be interested (or are interested yourself) in adopting Wally, please contact Barbe with Friends of Campbell County Animal Control. He has come so far in his journey but needs a loving, forever home.
  • Wally is great with other dogs.
  • He may be ok with certain cats.
  • He is great with kids. 
  • He is shy at first but warms up to both men and women with time.
  • He is house-trained. 
  • He needs a home where he can run in a securely fenced in yard. Nothing he can dig under or climb over. 
  • On the same point, he loves to be cuddled on the couch, so being able to come indoors and cuddle is a must. 
If you haven't guessed, my husband and I are the ones who brought him into our home for a few days before realizing it wasn't the best fit. As much as we love him and wanted to have him, we were being selfish. He needs space to run and it also wasn't fair to our cat because he was always terrified. In all honesty, I think Wally chased the cat simply because the cat ran, I don't think it was a "prey drive" chase. He's the one who ripped the bottom of our cheap-o blinds that we had to fix. He just wanted to see outside the window!

Please share Wally's story so we can find his perfect home! I know it's out there. If we had land and a fenced yard, we would have kept him for sure. He's a super sweet, loving dog with an amazing story. He deserves the best home!

I'll update this page when he gets adopted.

Do you have a rescue pet? What's their story? Doesn't Wally have the sweetest face??

Till next time,


  1. It’s been five months, and I assume that somebody had adopted Wally already. He had a great life at the veterinary center. He received an overwhelming amount of love and affection during his stay there. I hope that he's treated the same way by his new owner.
    Liza Bedoya @ Pets on Broadway

    1. I actually haven't heard any updates lately but even if he hasn't been, he has a great foster mom to take care of him until he does. He's such a sweet boy and so deserving of a loving home! Thanks for stopping by :)

    2. Here's an update on Wally! I volunteered at the Appomattox shelter and was one of the first people to spend time with him after he woke up fully from his embedded collar surgery. After he had to leave another foster home in 2013, I volunteered to go get him to bring him back to the Appomattox shelter. I was a bit shocked to find Wally in a crate, in a dark shed in the foster family's backyard. I promised him on the ride back to the shelter that as soon as I bought a new house and put up a fence, I would adopt him. It took a few months to sell one home and buy another but Wally came home with me in February 2014. Fast forward to today, I remarried last year and we now live in Prince Edward County. Our pack consists of my three dogs, my husband's bloodhound mix and a new stray who showed up in January! We have 6 acres so we fenced-in a big backyard and put a doggie door in downstairs so they can go in and out at their pleasure. He is loved and is living a beagle's life! I have some pictures of him on my Instagram, mrsollie3192016.

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