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Friday, May 17, 2013

My Wee Strawberry Plant

Around early April we bought 4 roma tomato plants and one strawberry plant from a local greenhouse. I picked the best strawberry plant I could find and it already had 3 little strawberries growing! 

This is what they looked like the week we bought the plant. 

And after maybe 5-6 weeks they were getting huge! 

Then after close to 7 weeks out, I managed to pluck this beauty at the perfect time! I was like a little kid I was so excited! Way too excited about one measly strawberry! 

 This little guy was delicious! I must have waited till the right time because it was so good!

But alas, just one strawberry at a time is not very filling. I've decided I need about 99 more strawberry plants.

Since that's not very practical, I'm thinking just 3-5 more plants would be a good deal. At least with that many we can have a handful now and then.

Looking at these pictures reminds me that there's one more that's just about ready to eat! Yum!

What fruit are you growing in your garden? What's your favorite fruit? 

Till next time,


  1. Those are gorgeous strawberries! I really want to plant some strawberries in our garden next year!

    1. I'm so proud of my little guys! We actually bought 3 more strawberry plants at a farm where we went strawberry picking this weekend so I'm excited to grow more! More on that soon :)
      You definitely should! I think they need to be planted early so be ready! They're so good that they're definitely worth growing!


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