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Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIY-How to Shorten Window Blinds

How to Shorten Window Blinds 


How to Make It Look Like Your Potential Adopted Dog Didn't Destroy the Bottom of Your Blinds

Uhm...yea, about that. 

Long story short, we did a "home trial" with a dog we wanted to adopt. It didn't work out but it's in the best interest of us and more importantly, the dog. Maybe I'll write about him tomorrow. Anyone want a super sweet dog? 

I knew it was possible to shorten blinds but I didn't know how or how extremely easy it is! Here's a step by step tutorial which applies to just about all horizontal blinds. 

Assess the damage. Err...I mean...drop the blinds to their full length to see how much it needs to be shortened. 

My wonderful husband (and his long arms) took care of trading the blinds. Fortunately, the blinds downstairs in the living room (that got ripped) are the same length and width as the guest bedroom. The living room windows are also much longer than the guest bedroom window so it worked out so perfectly.

Here are the broken blinds on the shorter window. The bottom in tact rung is just above the windowsill...perfect!

Remove the plugs from the bottom bar of the blinds. With nicer blinds it's easier to remove it but we had to use pliers. There will be one on each side. 

Pull the knot out from inside the bar and untie it for each one. 

Then pull that vertical thicker string (from both sides) out of the rungs you'll be removing, then pull them out to the desired length. Or in my case, till all the broken rungs are removed. 

Simply slide the bottom bar back through the "rope ladder."

Slip the thicker string through the holes. 

Tie a new knot. We did slip knots just to make it easier if it ever needs to be done again.

Stuff the knot into the hole.

Push the plug back in. 

Cut the excess strings. You can either tie the "rope ladder" rungs underneath the bottom bar or just leave one "rope ladder" rung in tact. It's not noticeable either way. 

Now stand back and enjoy a set of blinds that fit your window perfectly! 

How easy was that?

Way easier than I expected, that's for sure. 

Now I just need to get some stinkin' curtains up!! 

Do you have blinds that need to be cut to size? Any suggestions for DIY curtains or cheap (but thick) curtains? 

Till next time,


  1. Good thing your blinds were longer! If not, you might have needed to buy a new one after your sweet dog destroyed this one. Haha! Well, the process is, indeed, easy and I want to thank you for sharing this tutorial. It will definitely help those who are going through the same problem and do not have any idea how they are going to tackle the job. By the way, for DIY or cheap but thick curtains, you can try taking your old bed sheets out and transform them into curtains. I hope that helps.
    Rene @ Beltway Blinds

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rene! Before this incident I had no idea how simple it was! Thanks for the curtain suggestion, I'll keep it in mind!


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