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Monday, May 6, 2013


Ok that title may be a little deceptive. Over my busy weekend in Richmond, I spent some quality time with my mom and part of that involved walking my parents' property. 

It started because I was looking through my dad's collection of veggie seeds and I found a couple of old big bags of flower seed mixes. My mom and I decided to spread them outside in hopes of some pretty blooms over the summer. 

We ventured through the path in the woods down to the garden, spreading the wildflower seed bag along the path. I found a four-leaf clover (it got cut off the bottom of the picture) while my mom got a little harvest of asparagus. My dad hasn't had a chance to start the garden up for the year so that asparagus was just some that popped up from last year! I love a garden that produces year round!

So we walked through the garden for a bit, looking for asparagus and trying to identify any other odd plants. I pulled off some stems of an asparagus plant that had gone to seed (far left) and I'm going to let it dry out and collect the seeds.

The middle plant is a bunch of wild green onions. I don't know much about them but that I've always considered them a weed. I've never heard that they're harmful to eat so we picked a bunch and my mom said they'd try them in salads. But hey, if they taste good, weed shmeed! It's free food!

The purple flowers are what we call money plant but they're also called honesty or the silver dollar plant. You can't see any of the seed pods in the picture but they are round and flat, hence the name. They spread pretty quickly but are really pretty. If nothing else, I think they're a really cool plant to gift to someone. 

The far right is some ivy that was growing near the woods so I dug it up too. I love ivy! 

Picking all this just got me excited for when I'll be able to harvest my little patio garden! Can't wait!

Have you ever picked and eaten wild onion? Do you consider it a weed or a veggie?

Till next time,


  1. I love this! You can DEFINITELY eat those onions, and I bet they're delicious! Foraged, wild foods are REAL foods. So cool!

    1. Thank you! I'm not a big fan of onions but I wouldn't mind cooking with them. Real foods is right! My mom tried a bite of one later on and said they were a little strong but good!


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