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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Williamsburg Anniversary Trip

So as you may know from last week's posts, my husband and I went to Williamsburg this past weekend to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary! We had a great time and can't wait to go back! 

When we arrived we walked down through Colonial Williamsburg. Here's my husband Brian photo bombing the Colonial Garden. They had all kinds of plants for sale...I wanted one of each! 

Garden photo! 

I love this little cottage and the way the front yard is landscaped! The houses are absolutely gorgeous there!

We ate at The Cheese Shop for a late lunch on Saturday and it was SO GOOD! I definitely recommend it. 

I had a turkey and provolone sandwich on wheat with house dressing and it was fabulous! They also have many cheeses for sale and unique treats as well as a huge wine cellar full of wines and beers. 

We breezed through The Candy Shop that's next door to The Cheese Shop but it was really crowded so we didn't stop and buy anything. Blessings in disguise! 

Here Brian decided to give T.J. a few pointers on a document he was working on. I think he's taking them into consideration. 

While we did see a lot of "Made in the USA" signs and stickers, I also saw way too much of this. There were so many things for sale that were supposed to look authentic and really colonial, yet they were made in China, India or other countries. Sad. 

I freaked out like a little girl when I saw these two horses! Brian practically had to pry me away from them! Since living in Lynchburg, I haven't gotten to ride or be around horses hardly at all. I miss it so badly! 

We also walked around The Pottery which I had heard a lot about. Let me tell you...the name is deceiving! I was thinking The Pottery was a cool place where they made pottery in front of you, sold freshly made pottery of all shapes and sizes and maybe you can even paint some pottery. Far, far from the truth. If you haven't been, it's basically one huge store divided into three buildings. One for kitchen wares and food, one for home decor, and one for outdoor items. I was disappointed because even though it was kind of a neat place, the prices were expensive. They had a large natural/organic/unique section of food and a huge wine section if you're into those sort of things. I even happened to see wine from a vineyard in Louisa County, Virginia which is where my extended family is from! If you don't know where Louisa is, just remember it's where the epicenter of the 2011 East Coast Earthquake was. 

After a disappointing dinner on Friday at a place called Daddyo's (Yelp reviewers had given it great reviews!), we stopped by Handel's Homemade Ice Cream and Yogurt. 

Brian got a chocolate milkshake and I got cookie dough ice cream in a waffle cone. They don't play around! Look at that sucker! It was delicious too!

The Governor's Palace

Beautiful skies framing a brick house. 

I loved this side yard too with the stream running through the middle. 

If only we had somewhere to put it! These bird bottles are so cute! 

I loved hearing the clip-clop of the horses' hooves as they walked on by. We didn't take a horse drawn carriage ride, though. It's $20 a person for 15 minutes! Trust me, I know horses are expensive pets but holy moly that is so expensive. That's $40 for 15 minutes for two people. Rip off. 

And we also made a huge mistake by buying a pound and a half of homemade fudge!! As we walked out the door I said to Brian, "What...have...we...done??" The flavors are so amazing, though! In the box on the left it's blueberry cheesecake then Oreo. The top left in the other box is chocolate, caramel, and peanuts, and the one on the right is the Williamsburg Special which is caramel, chocolate chips, white chocolate fudge, then regular chocolate fudge. Bottom row is peanut buter chocolate and then peanut butter. 

Each morning we drove just into Yorktown (our hotel was in Newport News which enabled us to have dinner with some of our close friends who live in the Portsmouth area. We were SOO thrilled to see them and we had a blast talking and laughing over dinner.) and ate at this breakfast/lunch place called Food Craft. We ordered breakfast both times and it was so incredibly delicious! The fried potatoes weren't greasy and they were so tasty! The biscuits and gravy were incredible too. It was so good that we're already trying to find excuses to go down there again! 

And finally, we came home to about 4-5" of snow! Fortunately we beat some of the snow but did end up driving in it for about an hour. It wasn't too bad, though. Glad it's all about melted now! Bring on Spring time!! But Summer...you take your time.

Thank you to everyone who recommended Williamsburg adventures! We want to go back soon and see/do it all!

Have you been to Williamsburg? What's your favorite thing to do/see?

Till next time,

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