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Monday, March 4, 2013

Walking Dead Workout-Season 1

You may remember when I started The Walking Dead Workout when I wrote about it HERE. My husband and I have finally made it into Season 2 so I wanted to give you guys a re-cap of Season 1. This way you can do the workout without having to pause every 5 seconds in the show. Trust me, it's annoying. 

If you haven't heard of The Walking Dead Workout, it's basically like one of those movie/TV show drinking games, but instead of taking shots, you do different exercises. It's really a lot of fun, especially if you already enjoy the show! This gave us a good excuse to re-watch all of the episodes! 

As you can see, the episodes vary a lot! Also, I'm sure there are things that I missed but this is pretty much right.

Here's another quick breakdown if you're looking for more targeted workouts.

Season 1:
Episode 1-Arms, legs, abs
Episode 2-Abs
Episode 3-Legs/Easy
Episode 4-Abs and arms
Episode 5-Arms/Easy
Episode 6-Easy

Each episode that goes by we keep asking more detailed questions about each thing. We sort of took our own liberties with the differences.

-If someone kills a walker, we need to pretty much see the walker get killed for it to count. If they're simply shooting but you never see specific bodies, it doesn't count.

-For the guns being drawn, again, we need to see it or they need to have the intent to shoot something, not just the character walking around casually holding his/her gun.

-Human blood being spilled is pretty self explanatory. If you see human blood then you do 5 lunges.

-Someone referring to "the living" has been difficult. In Episode 5 someone (Rick, I think) actually says "The Living." But other than that it's been hard to decide if telling a story (Dale telling Andrea about his wife passing from cancer, Rick talking to Morgan over the radio, etc) counts or not. What do you think?

-With someone crying, it has to be a pretty obvious cry with tears and ugly cry-faces too. Farrah from Teen Mom or Kim Kardashian anyone? I shouldn't laugh...but I do. I don't watch their shows but I've seen enough to know about their awful crying faces! But really, no one looks cute when they cry.

-If someone screams, it can't be Lori yelling at Carl, it has to be someone screaming out of shock or fear. Also can't just be someone yelling to get someone's attention.

-There have only been two episodes involving human death in Season 1. The first was when the herd came through the quarry camp and killed several members of the group and the next being the CDC doctor and Jacqui. The herd scene is difficult because we only counted two characters that we knew (Ed and Amy. Amy gets you twice because she's later killed as a walker!) but one other human who was dead but not recognized as a character. It gets worse when you realize there are at least 5 wrapped human bodies in the pick up truck to be buried when it's all said and done. Hmm.

There you have it...The Walking Dead Workout-Season 1 in a nutshell. Ok that's a pretty big nutshell (Austin Powers joke).

Have at it and enjoy! It's a fun workout that varies quite a bit and it's a good excuse to re-watch the show!

Click HERE to check out Season 2!

Have you tried The Walking Dead Workout? Would you?

Till next time,


  1. Tried this out for episode one. I was too tired to actually do the counting on my own while watching the episode, but did follow what you had written down here.
    Doubt I'll have the energy for another episode today tho.

    It kinda reminds me of when I used to watch The biggest loser and be on my Crosstrainer or Exercise bike during the episodes. :) So thank you!

    1. It really does kick your butt! It's not a walk in the park, for sure. That's such a good idea...I love watching inspiring shows like that!


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