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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{Wedding Wednesday} Easily Overlooked Details

Wedding planning can be absolute insanity. You read a million books, get advice from all your friends, cover your bed with magazines and consult the experts. Yet even so, there are plenty of things that even the experts seem to forget to mention.

Here are a few things that are very easily overlooked during planning but are still very important details! This list is short but I'm sure I will need to add a Part II at some point.



When you choose the time of your wedding, check the Farmer's Almanac for the sunset that day. If you want sunset pictures, plan around that. You'll want your ceremony to end about an hour before the sun is supposed to set. That will give you time for things to go long and for all the pictures to get done before the last few artsy ones as the sun goes down. If you don't want sunset pictures, no biggie, do what you want! 

Exit time

When you plan the length of the reception, plan a time for you and your new spouse to hit the road. It doesn't have to be an exact time but if you want a grand exit with balloons released or birdseed or sparklers, be sure to plan for it. For example, our wedding ceremony started at 4:30 and we planned the reception to "start" around 5:30 which gave us time for pictures and guests could snack on hors d'oeuvres. I planned the reception to go from about 5:30-10:00pm. That worked with the length of time I had the photographer and the venue. The way I planned it I figured we'd leave around 9:30 before too many people left so we could have our big exit with sparklers. Right around 9:15 I noticed people starting to say their goodbyes so I spoke quickly to our DJ and he announced the final song/dance (which was amazing, by the way) and the whole deal with the sparklers. We said our goodbyes to our family and close friends and then were sent on our way to a beautiful sea of sparklers held by our favorite people. It was perfect!


This is where your bridal consultant at the dress shop will be your best friend. Once you've said yes to the dress, figure out what type of undergarments would work best with it. The shop may have options to buy but chances are they'll be expensive. Check around stores like Victoria's Secret for sale items that fit your needs or nearby department stores.

And I'll just be totally honest. Wear something PRACTICAL under your dress! When you get back to your home, hotel or honeymoon suite, you can change into special attire. Comfort is KEY during your wedding day!

Wedding Day Emergency Bag


I'll go into more details during another post but please make or buy a wedding day emergency kit! This is the one day you don't want to be stuck without something like extra deodorant or a bobby pin. Mini sewing kits are very handy as well. You can buy one like the one pictured above or you can collect items from around the house and buy certain other items and toss them in a tote bag to have on hand. Making a kit yourself will probably be cheaper. It's also a great bridal shower gift idea for a friend who is getting married!

Day of Payments/Gifts

A lot of your vendors will require full or final payment the day of the wedding. This job falls to the Best Man or one of the fathers. The week before the wedding, write checks to all the vendors who need to be paid on the wedding day and seal them in security envelopes with a thank you note included. Clearly mark the outside who that envelope goes to. Example: John Smith - Officiant or Jane Doe - Caterer. Also, small tokens of appreciation are a nice touch if a friend or family member is doing you a wedding favor at no charge. For example, a friend who is performing the ceremony music or running the sound board. These can also be given to your Best Man for delivery. If you're giving gifts to your bridal party, a good time to give them is while you're getting ready for the ceremony. You could also give the gifts at the rehearsal or dinner.

Guest Dietary Restrictions

Have good food options for all of your guests. You don't need to plan the entire meal around one or two people but be considerate of them. I had multiple vegans/vegetarians at my wedding so I made sure they'd have more to eat than just a veggie tray. I had the idea to do a salad bar (which my caterer said he had never had a request for) with all the fixin's. I also had a pasta bar with multiple toppings along with chicken and other items. Everyone could find something they liked! 

If you have a couple of gluten-free guests, just be sure they have gluten-free options so they don't go hungry during the reception. Just keep these things in mind when planning your menu. 

If all goes well, you'll be THIS excited to eat at your wedding! Ha...couldn't resist sharing a picture of my goofy self digging in to the pasta bar! Oh yeah, and be sure YOU and YOUR NEW SPOUSE are the FIRST ones to eat! No exceptions! You have to eat! 

P.S. Loving that veil? I know I'm still in love with it! I got it from Virginia Geiger Jewelry on Etsy! Check out her Etsy page. Her products are all ah-mazing! 

What are some things you feel like were "easily overlooked" when you were planning your wedding? Are there any details you worry about overlooking?

Till next time,

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