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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{Wedding Wednesday} My Tips for Less Stressful Wedding Planning

First of all, today on 9/11 I want to pause for a moment for us all to think about that day, where we were, what it meant to our country and of all those beautiful lives lost. It was a tragic day that none of us will ever forget.

For the second edition of Wedding Wednesday, I want to run through my personal tips on wedding planning with less stress. It can get very overwhelming very quickly so from the get go I want you to remember these things! It doesn't have to be stressful! These are all tips that I *tried* to remember and stick with throughout planning my own wedding.


First you need to remember to breathe. Wedding planning CAN be stressful but it doesn't HAVE to be. When things get a little rocky, just remember to breathe and think logically about the situation.

Be Organized

Whether you are an organized person or not, you must be organized during wedding planning. If you're not it will stress you out and can even cost you money. Being organized will keep everything in the same place and you won't be stressing out looking for receipts, invoices, business cards and more. I used a 2" 3-ring binder with tab dividers. It was a lifesaver! Be sure to use Pinterest to your advantage as well but stay realistic. Don't pin everything you see. Pin with purpose!

Don't Procrastinate

Start planning pretty much right away. You don't want to take too much time then end up not getting your venue or photographer because they were already booked. Don't waste any time at all especially if you want your wedding on a Saturday in a peak month (May-September and near holidays) because companies will book FAST during those times.

It's One Day

I know you've probably heard this a hundred times but seriously, once it's all over it was just one day of your lives together. Granted it is one of the biggest days of your life but it is still one day. It's not worth fighting over or freaking out over. If you are married at the end of the day, that is truly what matters. 

Determine a Budget and Stick With It!

This one is extremely important! Now if you are fortunate enough to have no budget, go ahead and skip this part. But for most of us, a budget is important. Talk with your fiance, your family and his family and decide who is willing/able to pay for what. I know money talk is no fun but it's best to hash it out in the beginning. You don't want to guess at these numbers later. Check out this website for a good list of who traditionally pays for what. 

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

I've told this to so many of my friends during their wedding planning. If you can't find napkins that match the flowers then don't freak out! If they're not the same exact color, guess what...no one but you will notice. I can almost guarantee you that no one will notice. Or if at your wedding if something is there that shouldn't be or isn't that should be, no one's going to know but you. 

See that beautiful centerpiece picture? That's from my wedding. After discussing it multiple times, my florist didn't get it right. The vases were supposed to be filled with water, the lilies being completely submerged and there should be a floating candle on top. But, you know what? It's not that big of a deal. Yes I was frustrated but I let it go because it was my wedding reception and it wasn't worth being upset over. I was finally married to the love of my life! Some water and candles was not going to get me down! My mom and I were the only ones who knew the centerpieces weren't right. My guests had nothing but lovely things to say about them! If something similar (or even worse) happens at your wedding, your guests won't even notice, they will only see how happy and beautiful you and your spouse are!

Don't Be a Bridezilla

This one should be pretty self explanatory. If you're questioning how to not be a bridezilla, reference the three points above titled "Breathe," "It's One Day," and "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff." Your wedding is an extremely important day in your life but don't let it turn you into someone you're not. It's not worth it!

Have Fun! Enjoy It! 

And finally, remember to enjoy it! Wedding planning can also be so much fun. You'll get more congratulations and smiles than you know what to do with. You'll get lots of freebies and hugs, it's fantastic! Also keep in mind companies often charge more for anything labeled "wedding," but that's another topic entirely!

But enjoy this time! Savor your final moments as a bachelor/ette. Spend time with friends and family and enjoy yourself. Don't forget to go on a date night now and then with your honey and make it  a point to not talk about wedding stuff. 

Do you get stressed easily or are you cool as a cucumber? What was/is the most stressful part of wedding planning for you?

Till next time,

If you're a fellow blogger and are interested in guest posting for this series, shoot me an e-mail at CatherinePageWood@gmail.com! Or, even if you're not a blogger and would like to share your wedding story or advice, send me an e-mail! I would LOVE to share your stories!

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  1. These are great tips!!! While I'm NOT engaged... my boyfriend and I have been discussing wedding things ;) I might need these tips soon!

  2. I'm not engaged but i really loved everything in this post. I know planning a wedding can be stressful as what some of my married friends have told me but you made it sound so simple and less-stressful. I guess the key is to take it easy, although i think that could be difficult but we can still enjoy it. These are really great tips and i'm taking note of this. Hopefully i would be engaged, soon. I hope so.


    1. It CAN be stressful and mainstream media makes it out to be the most stressful thing ever but it doesn't have to be!

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