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Friday, September 6, 2013

Lynchburg Virginia Blogger Meetup

Last night we had our meet-up for Lynchburg bloggers at Mangia Wine Bar!


I was so excited to meet other bloggers near me! In our little town of Lynchburg, Virginia there were 5 of us that met for dinner from Virginia Bloggers

  • Then there's Cait from Cait Makes Things which is all about sewing and upcycling thrifted finds. She also shares another fashion based blog called Two Little Bells with a friend. Check out her easy project for making cheap (and adorable) boot trees! My only tall boots are from my horse showing days but I'd love to make this project for a friend!

  • And finally there's Megan from Rappsody in Rooms, another fantastic blog about renovating a 1960s rancher into a space that reflects her personality along blogging about life in general. Ever wondered what a year's supply of toilet paper looks like? Wonder no more

We sat on the patio during the beautiful evening and had a great time chatting and eating and discussing all kinds of things. We brought up one of our favorite bloggers, Young House Love multiple times, talked about networking, our families, jobs, and some silly giveaways. We talked about Haven Conference and got some awesome insight from Megan and Paula who were fortunate enough to go! Megan almost got pooped on by a bird, our waiter forgot about us and overall we had a fantastic time! We ended up having such a good time that we completely forgot to get any pictures! I'm a little bummed but I'm sure we'll get together again soon! 

If there are any other local bloggers in the area we'd love to meet with you too! 

Be sure to check out their awesome blogs and tell them Catherine sent you! 

Till next time,


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I've wanted to do a local blogger meetup for a while but have never gotten serious about it. I might have to now :)

    1. Definitely! It's the coolest thing to be able to network in person! I loved meeting these ladies!

  2. I had so much fun talking with everyone! Thanks so much for organizing the event. I hope we'll get together again soon!

    1. I did too! We definitely should! If you hear of any fun upcoming events let me know and we can try to plan another get together!

  3. Hi! Catherine! This is oeendree!
    Just moved to Lynchburg few months ago! Missed this one! Would love to join the next one! Please keep us posted! Thank you for arranging this kind of event!


    My blog: www.thedocndiva.com

    1. Oeendree, I actually just recently moved back out of Lynchburg! I would definitely recommend following the other girls, hopefully they'll do another get together soon. They're the sweetest ladies...you'd love them! We had such a good time at dinner. If I visit Lynchburg again and am able to get together with my fellow Lynchburg bloggers, I'll let you know and you can meet up with us! :) Hope you enjoy Lynchburg!

  4. I googled for "Lynchburg bloggers" because surely, I'm not the only one. Now I'm off to go check out the others you've mentioned. Thanks!


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