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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Homemade Garden Salsa - Alternate Recipe

So you may remember my fresh garden salsa recipe from a couple of weeks ago. 

Just looking at these pictures makes me want some! 

Well, we've been making it as often as we can because it's SO delicious! While we were visiting family last weekend and after raiding my parent's and in-law's gardens, we made more! This time it was a little different though.

This time we didn't use tomato paste since they didn't have any. (Well, the first batch anyways, my mother-in-law ended up insisting on running to the store.) I was bummed at first that it might not taste right but one by one every gave it a try and before I knew it a whole bowl of it was gone! 

These pictures don't do it justice by any means but it was a beautiful and colorful "pico de gallo -esque" salsa and my in-laws devoured it! 

It just proves that going strictly by the recipe isn't always the best choice! Have fun, experiment! Try something new! With this salsa, just use my recipe as a starting point but turn it into your own! You can dice all of your ingredients rather than blend them, use more peppers, add hot sauce, etc. There are so many ways to make it your perfect salsa! 

Do you like spicy salsa or mild salsa? Restaurant style or grocery store brand? Chunky or smooth?

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